Premium Colombian Coffee, Sustainably Sourced.


The Company was born from the heart of coffee lovers.  That is why we are committed to bring you the best Premium Single Origin Coffee we can.

We source from farmers who handpick only ripe cherries from the trees, no machinery involved, a time consuming process that assures the best flavor. We value their work, and by having less intermediaries, we are able to pay them a better price.

Our flavor is balanced, with a medium acidity and body.  Round and smooth aftertaste. The general impression is delicate but rich, with milk chocolate & fruit notes. We are certain that you will enjoy every single drop.

For our Decaff, we use a 100% chemical free process. With this method, you will be able to enjoy the greatness of our Colombian flavor, without risking any quality.

As we truly believe you deserve better, our beans are roasted in Florida, allowing us to always deliver fresh coffee.

Why drink Coffee Dream Co.?

-If you are going to do something daily…, make it special-

  • 100% Arabica Colombian Premium Coffee, single origin, roasted locally for freshness

  • You can taste the difference in our Premium Coffee roasted with care by coffee dreamers, to the ones coming from large corporations. We roast single origin, small batches to perfection locally, making sure you always get fresh coffee

  • The Coffee Dream flavor is balanced. The general impression is delicate but rich, with milk chocolate & fruit notes. A taste you will be able to enjoy till the very last drop

  • Our company is women owned and operated. We support equality in our daily business, plus we have committed 10% of our net profit to women empowerment organizations in developing countries


We believe in women entrepreneurship and empowerment.

As a women operated business, conceived from experiencing first hand the difficulties of working mothers, we have made the commitment to promote gender equality. We invite you to meet Our Team.

We will donate 10% of our profits to organizations that support women empowerment and entrepreneurship in developing countries.

That makes our coffee taste even better, every morning.

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Please contact us with any questions you have or to request a sample of any of our products. We are located in Canton, MA.